9 "Dondukov" blvd., 1000 Sofia,tel.00359-2-980-73; fax:00359-2-808042
                                leader: Mr. Amadeus Krastev
   The "Green Patrols" are registered as an NGO in 1991.It's an ecological organization covering the whole spectrum of environmentalprotection. It has more than 4500 volunteering members organized in detachmentsof the territory of the whole country. This is and organization of professionals.According to the Statute of "Green Patrols" besides in the field of ecologythese are professionals working or experienced as alpinists, spelaelogists,parachutists, frogmen, yachtsmen and other.
   "Green Patrols" is definitely marked as youth organization.It comprises youth "green teams" where children and teenagers are involved.
   The priorities of the organization are: investigatingsignals of ecological threats; identifying ecologically endangered areas;civic mobilization for ecological self-protection; outlining the boundariesof new protected regions (areas); educational program for children, studentsand adults, including ecological education camps; projects for managingconcrete ecological problems and others.
   The "Green Patrols" and its leader Mr.Krastev representedthe Bulgarian NGOs at the Meeting of the Ministers of the Environment inEurope in 1995. He is a speaker of some European ecological NGOs in Bulgaria.
   A honorary member of our organization is His Majesty SimeonII.
   Some more important actions of "Green Patrols" to mentionedare: restraining of the construction of NES "Belene"; restraining the constructionof WC "Rila"; closing of the First block of NES "Kozloduy" for internationalexpert evaluation; decreasing the cutting down of forests; sustainablecontribution to the restraining of the production of uranium in Bulgariaand hundreds of other national and local actions.
   The "Green Patrols" is open for contacts and collaborationwith international ecological NGOs, incl. mutual visits on the principleof exchange.