Links to globalisation topics / Връзки за глобализацията


Simultaneous global policy breaking the barriers to solving world problems

"Grievance 2" Тhe Global People's Assembly holding a world parliament or other law making representatives to "account" with no DIRECT LAW MAKING POWER OVER THEM (as in the USA) will replicate at the world level the unconstitutional American experience of declared accoutability and ‘hidden government”

Anti Globalization - А wide selection of articles critical of the United Nations, the Multilateral Agreement of Investment, and other forms of Globalization

Global Resistance / Глобална съпротива

International Forum on Globalization

CGG and Global Governance "Библия" на глобализма

Protest Net  News of protests worldwide. A calendar of protest, meetings, and conferences - helps people find out about progressive protests and meetings around the world 

The antiglobalistic demonstrations

Global research

Globalization and the WTO - Seattle - the city where street demonstrations stopped global trade talks cold. But the meeting actually fell victim to serious substantive disagreements among the member countries

Corporate Watch US based watch dog of all your favourite corporations

Destroy IMF / Разруши МВФ Sounds like a good idea / Звучи добре

Drop the Debt

Undercurrents Covering the protests in Genoa with video news and internet streaming

War on Want Campaigning against world poverty - confronting the causes rather than the symptoms.

Wombles Part of "white overalls" movement of which Italian organisation Ya Basta is the best-known group

World Development Movement All you need to know about the General Agreement on Trade in Services

Znet Articles, analysis and songs  by N. Chomsky to Arundhati Roy

UN Declaration / Декларация на ООН Lots of details about UK festivals. Commercial site, but useful info.

Global Exchange  Kevin Danaher's 0rganisation. Making links and challenging the system in the heart of the beast  

ECA Watch Export credit campaign

Toughest Sell For Antiglobal. The Americas California Movements Civil Conflicts

GLOBALISATION AND POST-DEMOCRACY  article by Costas Vergopoulos

Globalise Resistance Scotland  Our friends in the North - excellent site

Haringey Solidarity Group Political activism in North London

Disabled People's Direct Action Network Non-violent direct action from disabled rights group

Hidden Agendas 8/3/2001

People and Planet The leading campaigning organisation among students for an end world poverty, defending human rights and protecting the environment

Seattle-Nice by Caroline Lucas
Ilisu Dam Web Page Written by Keith Parkins - includes many links and references

Independent Media Centre Interactive platform for activists

Jubilee Plus Formerly Jubilee 2000, leading the fight against Third World Debt.

Mark Thomas Product Website of your favourite broadcaster - get a fix while he's off the air.

Michel Chossudovsky (in Bulgarian) / Mишел Чосудовски на български и руски Статии за глобализацията на български език от Мишел Чосудовски, проф. по макроикономика в у-та в Отава: Глобалната бедност Сиатъл и след него  Др. статии от Чосудовски на бълг.  Финансовая война (на руски) Кратка биография на Michel Chossudovsky 

Michel Chossudovsky (in English) America At War in Macedonia.rtf 13-Aug-2001 12:41   217k da Destruction of nations.rtf 11-Aug-2001 13:59  da Global Poverty.doc 05-Jun-2001 12:36  da SEATTLE AND BEYOND.doc 05-Jun-2001 13:10   да + горните  95k   THE MILITARY OCCUPATION OF MACEDONIA.rtf 11-Aug-2001 20:38 12k   Bin Laden and the ITC attack (en Fracais)

Millenium Round of the WTO under fire ... from both left and right - Dieser Beitrag wurde fur die Jungle World geschrieben

National Coalition of Anti Deportation Campaigns A brilliant resource with all the appalling facts and figures, up dates on local campaigns and how to get involved.

One World Progressive news articles plucked from the mainstream and a UK version of corporate watch.

OXFAM Website with lots of useful stuff, especially the Cut the Cost page on pharmaceutical multinationals

Fernand Braudel Center, Binghamton University - FERNAND BRAUDEL CENTER for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations Binghamton University, State University of New York

Oxford Global Action An alliance working on contact and co-ordination between various activists and groups. Residents and students mobilising on a large scale in the town, seting up demo's coinciding with visits of IMF and WB chiefs. Mailing list

RETEG8 Information site supporting the Genoa protests in July

Schnews Diary of events, database of groups and weekly direct action newsletter

Searchlight Campaigning against race hate and fascist groups

seatlle - NAPOLI ANTIGLOBAL FORUM 15 /17 marzo 2001 DAVOS FORUM MONDIALE DELL'ECONOMIA (WTO) 27/28 gennaio 2001 NIZZA EUROSUMMIT 6/8 dicembre 2000 l e t u e t e s t i m o n i a n z e

Solidarity Federation Building a non-hierarchical, anti-authoritarian solidarity movement

Some thoughts on Genoa  halva@g... Sun 

Stop Esso because Esso/Exxon is the biggest money behind Bush, the biggest oil company in the world and the biggest global warming villain

Campaign Against the Arms Trade Does exactly what it says on the tin

Campaign to Close Campsfield Against the centre where asylum seekers are imprisoned, though they've not committed a crime

Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers Asylum seekers are welcome here - no to scapegoating, no to racism. Email is 

Survival Worldwide organisation campaigning for the rights of tribal people



The Cause of Antiglobalists is Wrong in the Aggregate - 1. I am slightly uncomfortable in a debate where I am the defender of globalism. I don't find all antiglobalist claims wrong. Indeed, some of my own biases run somewhat parallel to …

Press Release: Fighting the Wrong Enemy - Washington, October 16 Virtually every major international economic meeting since the WTO ministerial in Seattle last year has been disrupted by antiglobalist protests. In fact, this pattern began more

Global Dimensions - Subjects - Based at the London School of Economics, a gateway to most influential thinking on globalization and the future of global governance