State sovereignty is not a shield for anything and anybody but... a military international intervention is only an extreme and last option in defence of human rights

A lot of small states are in the claws of omnipotent local and/or international Mafia, eliminating local population and suppressing not only minorities but also whole majorities deprived of human and civil rights. These local Mafia are among the hottest defenders of national sovereignty. And it is exactly here where an intervention by a democratic international force would be most desirable and legitimate. But as far no such force exists as an efficiently operating mechanism. There exists indeed a "global democratic community" and it did react adequately to the war and to the militant nationalism of Milosevic beforehand - but not sufficiently institutionalised it did not actually decide about the means and forms of intervention. We have governments and not citizens represented in the UN and the Security Council. The same is valid for NATO. Not all the governments are democratically elected and under efficient control of their citizens. So about the fate of the world is practically decided without decisive input of its citizens. This is a basic deficit. We, the citizens of the world must fight for such participation if we want to be pleased by globalisation.

Otherwise we shall face interventions "in the name of human rights" that could be just the entering of the "other Mafia". And when done by a full scale war without exhausting all other available means, things will go even worse.

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