To the newly elected deputies in the 39th National Assembly


To the Bulgarian National Television,

     Bulgarian National Radio,

     Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) and all media




Respected ladies and gentlemen, in 1997 6000 citizens asked the 38th NA for rights of direct participation in public governance and accountability for bad governance – Petition No. 28-00-11/17.09.1997. Our demands were totally ignored. So they remain in the civic agenda.


Today we address you – the newly elected deputies of the NA to ask again for:


1.                 Right of legislative initiative for the citizens.

2.                 Right to initiate national referenda.

3.                 Right to recall all public servants elected by the citizens.

4.                 Right of access to the whole not secret public information in all the public offices (new law of access to public information);

5.                 A Law for restoring or taxing properties acquired illegally or by misuse of power;

6.                 Civic participation in management of public media and access to the air in these media;

7.                 Civic participation in the defence of these and other civil rights in law enforcing and judiciary.


We want:


These and other laws concerning citizens  relations to public pwc and the safety of national wealth to be adopted after public discussion by referenda.


And since absence of accountability for bad governance and legalizing of properties misappropriated by misuse of power encourages such a misuse in future,


We want:


The people guilty for bad state governance as far to pay for the damages they have done to Bulgaria; and the property amassed by misuse of power to be restored in state property.


Legalizing of wealth amassed by misuse of power after 1985 and irresponsibility of the statesmen that assisted that and contributed to the present ruin of the country is a most harmful encouragement of similar behaviour in future.


And it is a great injustice to make the robbed citizens pay a double price for the transition while the robbers and guilty stetesmen pay nothing.


Only by direct civic participation the government could take the state back from foreign and local ‘mafias’ and put an end to the national venality and unpunished robbery through state power.


For that to be accomplished more civic rights are needed. Count on the citizens the salvation of Bulgaria – they shall not betray their country. Their direct participation will make the transition more genuine, more fair and easier for all.


Civic Participation Society


June 2001, Bulgaria



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